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Bauhaus-WALSTEIN  |  The Original Series  |  Specifications & Features
Sopranino Saxophone Features & Specifications"... I didn't actually NEED a 'nino (who does?!) but this one's a little beauty and such FUN! ... Build quality and finish appear great: it bears an outrageous family resemblance to my bronze Yani sop which was five times the price. It's a bit unnerving that the Chinese can rival top-price Japanese quality.."
Soprano Saxophone Features & Specifications"It's a beautiful instrument - tone and action are superb.  I am using it with a Yanagisawa ebonite mouthpiece and Rovner ligature, the combination is outstanding.  It's capable of being mellow, and rich sounding, and then you can cut right through above the rest of the band.  Great fun!  Love it!"
Alto Saxophone Features & Specifications"I've owned a TJ Revolution II for two years and have just bought a Bauhaus which I consider after a month or so is a much better horn than the TJ, despite the price difference."
Tenor Saxophone Features & Specifications"I'm still very pleased with this sax. It is much easier to play. It is more free-blowing, yet louder, and requires much less embouchure adjustment, so is therefore much less fatiguing to play. Because of all this I have already moved on to more difficult and faster pieces though I've only had it a few weeks."
Baritone Saxophone Features & Specifications"I did get a very good and surprisingly cheap baritone, (a Walstein Bauhaus), that is absolutely amazing, I use it now for pro TV and film session work."

Bauhaus-WALSTEIN | Specifications & Features

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